• About Asis NGO

    Asis Communmity Development and Empowerment NGO, Inc (Asis Community) is a 501 c (3), not-for-profit organization that was founded in March of 2009, with the goal of making a difference in the lives of individuals, families, and communities by empowering communities economically, socially, spiritually, and sustainable self-reliance in development of their wellbeing and livelihoods.

    Asis Community is located in the City of Frederick, State of Maryland, United States of America. The socio-economic issues that affect and degrade our society, and which Asis Community hold firmly to eradication, include but not limited to living below the poverty line, living with debilitating diseases, and living in poor world-wide developing economies, such as in Africa, with limited access to education, shelter, water, technology, and basic life-sustaining necessities.

    Asis Community is involved in initiatives that reach out to developing countries by promoting health change through individual and collaborative efforts designed to reduce health problems within our communities that include maltreatment, malnutrition, and lack of access to medical care services for school aged children and adolescents, the orphaned, the poor, and the aged through the dedicated work of donors and volunteers.

    Asis believes in empowering individuals in respective communities through the provision of ongoing preventative health education; health living, economic wellbeing, technology availability, pediatric care services, school lunches, and nutrition education programs.


    • Develop and collect economic resources and materials essential for addressing physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional needs
    • Work with incarcerated parents to help identify the needs of their children and raising the funds to fulfill those needs
    • Provide volunteers will also serve as mentors to children of single parent or orphaned children
    • Provide volunteers and raise funds to support students of all levels of education that need assistance in our communityIdentify low income families and facilitate successful living and social outreach programs, including but not limited to education, environment, shelter, safety and health.
    • Provide strategic and assimilative advice on good citizenship documentation and resident validation as required by the United States laws.
    • Establish a vibrant outreach strategy as a bridge to connect with the low income community with middle or upper income communities
    • Encourage low income families in our community to be responsible and effective members in their own local communities, counties, state, and the nation at large.
    • Assist individuals and families to access any Federal, State or County entitlements, rights and privileges for which they may be eligible.
    • Respond to disaster relief, social, spiritual, economic, or other development needs through holistic programs that minister to individuals needs and empowers communities.
    • Mobilize resources both human and financial necessary to address the needs at hand by identifying viable resources that may include but not limited to collective support from individuals, community, organizations, county, state, federal resources, or other supportive philanthropic institutions.
    • Encourage low income individuals to take advantage of training and educational workshops and seminars particularly those that equip them with parenting skills, child development, youth guidance, senior citizens, and people with disabilities.
    • Establish collective network of working relationships with other organizations for referral purposes such as with business forums, educational institutions, health facilities, nursing and orphanage homes, fire departments, rescue organizations, and other community beneficial bodies.
    • Network and partner with other both faith and community based organizations to better mitigate the needs of the community such as with churches, synagogues, and spiritual fellowship centers.
    • Encourage parents to be actively involved in their children lives by facilitating child-bonding workshops, youth mentoring, women led initiat

  • Chairman: Dr. Ben Chepkoit (Frederick, Maryland)
    Vice Chairman: Mr. Simon Kelum (Aberdeen, Maryland)
    Secretary: Mr. Wilfred Kandie (Jessup, Maryland)
    Treasurer: Mr. Clement Rutto (Germantown, Maryland)

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